Eastern Hognose

The Eastern Hognose is an amazing snake. It’s widely considered to be harmless (unless you are a toad). Some neat facts about this snake are that it can imitate a rattle snake and a cobra. The amazing thing to me is that is knows how to imitate a cobra despite the complete lack of cobras in North America. It has no venom and its fangs are located in the back of the mouth only (sort of like only having molars). These teeth are used for “popping” toads after they puff up in self-defense.

What happens when this snake feels threatened: rattles tail, shows of cobra-like hood, then plays dead. Flip the snake over and it will roll back over to resume it’s upside down state. Comical. If you feel compelled to mess a Hognose to see it go through it’s dramatic threat display, make sure it is a Hognose – it would be a nasty surprise to mistake an Eastern Rattle Snake for a Hognose.

8-28-2010, 6:58 p.m.

exposure: 1/80

f/stop: 5.6

focal length: 55 mm

ISO: 800



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