how close is too close?

This spider was captured on film my camera’s CMOS sensor at Lake Wissota State park on the Beaver Meadow nature trail. The black flies/gnats were particularly bad today, and hell-bent on committing suicide by flying into human eye balls. I find it ironic that the smallest animals are the most troublesome. There might be one bear attack in all of Wisconsin each year, but nearly every single person who ventures out their front door and passes by a wetland will catch a gnat with their eye or get a red bump from a mosquito/deer fly/horse fly bite.

Other than that the 1 mile walk was good.

A bit about the photo. This spider was found criss-crossing its web (which was invisible) when I discovered it. The first photo is the original resized to 1920 x 1280. The second photo is only 900 x 600, but is 100% crop (meaning 1 pixel = 1 pixel, but since it is resized to 640 x 426 to fit in the post it is more like 1 pixel = 2 pixels – unless you click on the photo to enlarge to 900 x 600; to contrast, the top photo as viewed within the post is 1 pixel = 44.7 pixels of the full size image, but if you click on it then 1 pixel = 5 pixels).

6-25-2011, 1:38 p.m.

exposure: 1/50 sec

f/stop: 7.1

focal length: 140 mm

ISO: 800


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