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Baby Sandhilll Crane

I have two photos of a baby sandhill crane. I have photographed these strange birds on several occasions and it never gets old. Imagine if you will; a bird with legs long enough to walk over an upright coke bottle, toes long enough to span a large coffee mug, and a body the size of a small duck, and you’ll have this guy. Oh, and wings barely as long as your average pointer finger.

5-21-2009, 7:15 a.m.

exposure: 1/640

f/stop: 8

focal length: 135 mm

ISO: 800

I’ve always wondered: how large is the egg? I’ve never found a nest, and I suspect that the nest is little more than a small patch of flattened grass along the edge of a field or in a semi-dry marsh. The reason I postulate a marsh is that on several occasions I have come across sandhill cranes in our swamp. Well, enjoy! And if you you feel a picture is worthy of setting as wallpaper go ahead and click on the image for the large version and download it. Cheers!

5-21-2009, 7:12 a.m.

exposure: 1/125

f/stop: 8

focal length: 75 mm

ISO: 800


Sandhill Crane Distraction

This Sandhill crane is not doing some elaborate dance for my camera – its a distraction. Somewhere in this cornfield there is a baby sandhill crane (picture of fluffy baby crane to come in a future post – I promise) that I am neglecting to photograph. Parent no. 2 is off behind me somewhere calling the baby to it. Very clever. This tactic apparently works on humans as well as potential predators.

6-26-2008, 6:50 a.m.

exposure: 1/400

f/stop: 5.6

focal length: 300 mm

ISO: 640

yellow-rumped warbler

This is just one of the many pictures I took on my walk through the Pheasant Branch Conservatory in Middleton. A big thanks to Becky and her fiance (both bird-nerds) for supplementing my very limited knowledge of song birds and inviting me along.

5-6-2011, 10:17 a.m.

exposure: 1/160

f/stop: 8

focal length: 270mm

ISO: 800